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El Pozo Update – September 2014

girl cooking hot dogs

The Third quarter of 2014 has been a big blessing. The girls have been growing personally and spiritually.  One of the girls is really passionate about cooking and wants to become a chef in the future. For now she is helping the house cook in the kitchen and learning the basics of preparing day to day meals and the house mom, Carmen, is teaching her how bake cookies and cakes. She is really enjoying these moments.

On September 15 and 16 we celebrated the Mexican Independence Day, one of the most important holidays in México. The girls wanted to have a traditional Mexican meal so they asked for pozole, a broth made with pork and corn cooked for several hours.  It is served with lettuce, fresh onion and radish cubes with tostadas and cream. girl preparing sandwichesThey loved it! It was a really especial day, all the girls participated in different events and performed two traditional dances.  They even made their own dresses with crepe paper in the crafts workshop.

lentelsWe currently have fifteen girls ranging from ages 10 to 19 years old.  There is currently one girl at the transition house with the possibility of another going within the next few months. The Well continues in its expansion plans.  Recently, we have found a new home for sale which can hold up to 40 girls and are working on gathering the funds for the down payment.  In November we are having a talent show event to raise support for the new home and the girls are going to perform.  We are very excited, please pray for God to show favor in the buying processes and raising the funds so we can provide assistance to many more human trafficking survivors.

Sincerely grateful,

El Pozo de Vida, A.C

Mexico City, Mexico

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