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December 30, 2017
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January 18, 2018
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Esperanza Para Los Niños Update – December 2017

THANK YOU ! . Thank you for being with us one more year! 

To all our friends and sponsors we want to extend our gratitude for allowing us one more year of service on behalf of our children.

As our Lord Jesus said when we do good to one of his little ones, it is the same as if we would do it unto Him (Mathew 25:40). Now we are sure we are serving our Lord and King Jesus.

Thanks to your generous support this year, we were able to help and average of 38 children and youngsters of varied ages, all of them attending school and developing in a healthy way. As an example of some of the things we were able to provide for them:

– we purchased 8000 liters of gasoline

– we traveled approx. 25,000 miles in commuting to and from schools

– we served approx. 52000 meals to our children.

These are among some of the activities that we were able to accomplish in our desire to provide children with the physical, emotional and spiritual support for a well rounded life.

We hope and pray  that together in this new year 2018 we will be able to take another step in helping and nurturing the growth of each child that we serve and help the ones that are yet to come in the future. We want them to receive your blessings and ours as we serve them.

We are eternally greatful to you for your commitment and support, because of this, much was accomplished. We would like to invite you to again embrace our project and vision this coming year, with your continuous and generous support.

Our deep and sincere desire that the peace and joy of our Lord remain with you this coming year, in your hearts and homes. May God prosper you in all of your plans and purposes this coming year!


Happy New Year!!


Esperanza para Los Niños IAP Team



PO BOX 1024 LUKEVILLE, AZ. 85341

Email: esperanza631@hotmail.com

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