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March 25, 2015
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October 1, 2015
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Food and Clothes for Hogar Del Niño

I wanted to thank you all again for your generous donation to help support the Todos Santos Orphanage! We were able to raise $3260.00 (US) with all the kind help from all! We were able to get 28 pairs of shoes, a pizza lunch, and much needed food essentials  for all the kids at the Orphanage. All with an unexpected and pleasant surprise that I’d like to share with all shortly.  We first started off visiting the Coppel Cabo San Lucas to have the kids pick out a pair of decent shoes (Coppell is like a Wal-Mart or Sears down in Los Cabos). The kids had a great time being able to pick out the shoes!

As we were going through the process of picking out the shoes for the kids we noticed a larger number of staff on hand tending to the kids. We didn’t think too much into it at the time. A few minutes later we noticed one of the employees purchasing additional gifts, out of their own pocket, for one of the kids. We shortly found out that Coppel had donated school supplies a few months prior to our visit and many employees had sponsored the children to be a Padrino (a godfather or godmother). Out of coincidence many of the employees got to meet their sponsored child for the very first time.  In addition, other employees came to assist and purchased gifts to cover all 28 children for an additional present!  We wish we could articulate how thankful we were for the kindness of the local employees. It touched all our hearts with their selflessness to help and contribute their own pay to put even bigger smiles on the kids. Coppel Staff, you have great hearts.

We finished the day at Costco and got pizza with the kids. A nice way to end the field trip day with the kids. Again I wanted to give a big thanks to all who helped make this possible. Words can’t describe how appreciative I am of you guys to help lend a hand. We were able to experience kindness at its finest from the locals and we continue to believe that great people do great things.

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