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March 16, 2015
March 17, 2015
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Gift Simuzazu

gift in garden (crop)Meet Gift Simuzazu.  Gift’s parents died of AIDS when Gift was a young boy leaving him an orphan at the tender age of 9 years old. He was separated from his younger brother Peter, as went to live with his uncle’s family in a nearby village, where he was abused. After borrowing his uncles bicycle to run an errand, he returned with it accidentally broken. His uncle became enraged and that night set the room Gift was sleeping in on fire. Gift was able to escape although he was burned over 75% of his body.

The ALKARE Foundation supports the Kabwata Orphanage in Lusaka, Zambia, where Gift came to live after he was able to leave the hospital and  became aware of Gift and his medical needs. They approached the Shriners Burn Hospital in the USA, and he was accepted as a patient. Through fundraisers and many caring people, Gift was able to come to the US. He needed a host family and it was the honor of Kirk and Renee Afman along with the twins Karla and Garrit to open their home in Santa Rosa, Ca. to care for him while he had reconstructive surgeries. Each surgery follow-up required weekly appointments in Sacramento, CA.  After 14 months Gift was restored physically and emotionally.

Today Gift is back in Lusaka, Zambia with a thankful heart. He is overcome with gratitude for those who reached out to a little boy who by no fault of his own has lived a life of sorrows. But, he is quick to say he always thanks God and the “Alkare family” who came to him during his times of need.

gift & guitar back to zambiaRenee and Karla escorted him home in 2010 to the Kabwata Orphanage.

Renee returned in 2012 with her business partner to bring “Seeds of Hope” to Kabwata and many other orphanages in Zambia and Uganda.

Press Coverage of Gift’s Journey

Grand Junction Free Press

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