MOA-01Mansion of Angels Orphanage was built by some 22 volunteers from Idaho and Utah in 2006. This wonderful facility is 5000 square feet and houses 30 orphans in the small town of Tomochic, Mexico, population 1360. It is located 7000 feet above sea level in the Copper Canyon area of Mexico’s Federal District of Chihuahua.

MOA-02The orphanage is run by a Spirit-filled woman named Josephine Gomez Ledezma. Josephine lost her entire family including her husband and two children in an automobile accident on Christmas Eve in 1997. As she mourned, she felt God promise her a new family. God delivered on that promise when she was led to 4 boys living in a lean-to in the mountains whom she immediately took in and cared for and the orphanage has grown from there.

The ALKARE Foundation provides the entire nutrient care to the 30 children under the loving administration of Josephina.

July 31, 2017

Mansion of Angels (2017 Pictures)

School Lunch Temple Graduation